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Set Design

Set design is taking charge of designing and creating sets for films, television, and theatre. Let us discover what will best clarify and support the setting, environment, atmosphere, ambience, and world that is being created. Allow us to bring your creation to life. 


Set design is a vital part of any film and is usually the largest department involved in creating the film. Allow us the opportunity to show our creativity and innovation.  We work to make sets come alive in front of the camera.


Also known as stage design. The set helps show where and when the story of a play takes place, while also conveying meaning to the audience. We design the physical surroundings in which the action will take place. 

What our customers are saying

When we need a designer for our sets, we call Designer Events by LaKisha! She makes our production sets pop!! LaKisha has an eye for creating an atmosphere that can change your set from a blank canvas to a wonderland special. She brings professionalism, she's always prompt, she carries a wealth of knowledge and expertise every where she shows up.

Shonny Sanders - Filmmaker  Why I Care 20

"LaKisha is a beast in her industry. I was on set where she was hired to set rooms and she did a superb job and was extremely professional. Would definitely work with her again. 

Sandy Porsonna - Come Roll With Us, LLC

"Lakisha is a great Event Planner and very thorough when it comes to getting events published to make sure that the client is Satisfied with the outcome. Designer Events by LaKisha is a great Event business that will make sure all her clients are satisfied with the work that LaKisha do for them. "

Wanda Pearson - LegalShield and ID Shield ~ WDPearson Associates LLC

"Elegant, sophisticated design "

Althea McPhail - McPhail Studios

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